Fundraiser for Lahaina: Uniting Through Memories and Hope

Fundraiser for Lahaina: Uniting Through Memories and Hope

Fundraiser for Lahaina: Uniting Through Memories and Hope

To support the people of Lahaina affected by the wildfire, I have created a Lahaina Fundraiser where I am donating 100% of the profit from the sale of all my Lahaina images to charity.

“Shade of Serenity: Lahaina Hawaii Banyan Tree”

My heart is heavy with the recent events that have befallen the beautiful land of Maui. The news of the devastating wildfire that swept through the town of Lahaina, leaving destruction in its wake and dozens of lives still unaccounted for, has shaken me to my core. But amidst the heartache and sorrow, I am reminded of the indomitable spirit of Maui, its people, and its history—a spirit that has touched my life in profound ways.

I remember the first time my husband Brett and I set foot on the golden sands of Lahaina. It was our very first family vacation together, and the sunsets that painted the sky in hues of amber and tangerine seemed to foreshadow the warmth and love that would envelop our journey together. Fast forward a few years, and Lahaina became the backdrop of our honeymoon—a place where time seemed to stand still as we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.

But it was on the occasion of my 50th birthday that Lahaina etched itself even deeper into my heart. Surrounded by the whispers of swaying palm trees and the melody of waves caressing the shore, I felt a sense of profound gratitude for the memories this place had gifted me. Little did I know that this very connection would become a lifeline of hope in the face of tragedy.

The Maui wildfire’s wrath feels surreal, almost inconceivable, as I think back to the laughter and joy that once echoed through the now-charred streets of Lahaina. The town, with its vibrant culture and history, is so much more than just a destination—it’s a symbol of resilience and unity. The people of Maui have faced challenges before, their spirits unbroken. And now, as they grapple with loss and uncertainty, their strength shines through once again.

In light of these trying times, I am launching a fundraiser with the intention of aiding Lahaina’s recovery and standing in solidarity with its people. Through the sale of my carefully curated photographs, I hope to capture the essence of Maui—the beauty that persists even in the face of adversity. The profits from this fundraiser will be dedicated to supporting the victims of the wildfire, offering a helping hand to rebuild lives and restore hope.

It’s humbling to witness the outpouring of support from across the globe, a testament to the profound impact Lahaina has had on countless lives.

I invite you to join me in this endeavor, to be a part of the healing process for a place that holds a special place in my heart. Together, through our contributions and shared love for Maui, we can make a difference.

I am in the process of vetting charities to donate the profits to in order to help the Lahaina people in a way they need most right now. If you know of any charity that needs to be considered, please let me know. I am looking for something that will get to the people in need quickly without a bunch of red tape or administrative costs being deducted. Your suggestions and insights are invaluable as we come together to uplift a community in need.

P.S. Let us turn our memories of Lahaina into a beacon of hope for its future. Through our collective efforts, we can be a source of light in these dark times.

“Whispers of Time: The Banyan Tree”

“Historic Courthouse: Old Lahaina”

“The Old Fort: Maui Lahaina”