Happy National Fried Chicken Day!Finally got to try us some Hattie Bs Hot Chic…

Happy National Fried Chicken Day!

Finally got to try us some Hattie Bs Hot Chicken 🍗 We tried to go last week, but their fryer was broke and they didn’t open until later in the day.

We like to try the local food when traveling and we heard this was the BEST Nashville Hot Chicken.

Nashville Hot Chicken got its start in the 1930s when a cheated on girlfriend of Thornton Prince made him his favorite meal of fried chicken, only she used every spice she had. Her revenge backfired when he loved it and eventually he start a hot fried chicken restaurant.

We loved it! Along with the bacon cheddar grits, palmetto Mac and cheese, waffles, and peach cobbler.

We got HOT. They also have DAMN HOT and SHUT THE CLUCK UP

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