8 Most Unique Towns in New Mexico

"Truth Or Consequences"
8 Most Unique Towns in New Mexico

"The town name may sound like a turn-paging thriller or a spicy party game, but Truth or Consequences is a well-known affordable spa town and resort destination on Interstate 25, halfway between Albuquerque and Las Cruces!

Truth or Consequences was once known as Hot Springs, gaining fame as a "health center" since the 20th century. The town changed its name to "Truth or Consequences" in 1950 after Ralph Edward's of Truth or Consequences–a popular game show—urged an American town to change its name as such for the show's tenth anniversary.

Snowbirds can enjoy the town's mild winters, while city dwellers can bask in the city's slow change of pace from city traffic. Truth and Consequence is best known for its geothermal mineral waters, found in any one of the 10 commercial spas and bathhouses in the downtown area. The town is home to one of America's most mineralized waters with large amounts of chloride to maintain the water's purity (while offering skin benefits). These waters harbor also lack any unpleasant odors!"

Posted: 10/27/2023