9 Best Small Towns In Wyoming For Retirees


"After working and saving all of one's adult life, people who take retirement are entitled to slow down at last. Wyoming makes a great retirement destination, whether for its famous mountains or its slower pace of life. It helps that the state is The United States' least populous, with just 581,000 inhabitants. That translates to the feeling that Wyomans have the state all to themselves, retirees certainly included. Bankrate even named Wyoming the best state in the country for retirees in 2015. These towns appeal to lovers of life at any age and offer a few perfect ideas in Wyoming for a retirement move.

With a population of around 6,000, Ranchettes, in Laramie County, offers a quiet retirement option. Living in the town, which is just north of Cheyenne, gives residents a rural feel that is still close to the city. Ranchettes' proximity to Cheyenne offers access to a host of parks, including the local favorite Lions Park, which is part of why the place scores high on health and fitness, according to the real estate website Niche.com. For grandparents who may be raising grandchildren or otherwise need education options, the town's public schools are ranked above the state average."

Posted: 11/19/2023