The 50 places where homes are selling the fastest

"#2. Rockford, Illinois"
The 50 places where homes are selling the fastest

"The pace at which homes sell in the U.S. tends to ebb and flow over the calendar year, with homes selling fastest in the summer and slowest in the winter. But things are more muted in 2023 as high home prices and mortgage interest rates spook potential buyers.

In September, the median number of days a home spent on the market was 33, one day longer compared to the year before. When homes sell faster, it can be a sign that any given market is less buyer-friendly, and decisions must be made quickly.

Stacker compiled a list of metros where homes are selling the fastest, using data from Redfin. Metros are ranked by the number of days homes were listed for sale in September, with metros with the most home sales ranked higher in cases of ties. Metros with over 300 home sales were included."

Posted: 11/07/2023