No, this image was not taken in Africa. I took this photo at Antelope Island Sta…

No, this image was not taken in Africa. I took this photo at Antelope Island State Park in Utah at one of our favorite places to stay in the Motorhome.

I took a lot of photos that day, driving around the park. However, I hadn’t seen any of the park’s namesake animals. As the sun started to set, I was headed back by the lake to get some landscape shots when I stumbled across a single Pronghorn Antelope wandering the plains near the water.

The Pronghorn Antelope seemed to be aware of my presence but didn’t really care that much as he was eating grass and slowly walking along the ridge.

I was trying to get a shot, but his head was down in the grass. Then, in an instant, he put his head up and looked right at me. I took the shot!

What an image it turned out to be!

Pronghorn Antelopes are native to the North American continent and are one of our country’s most impressive animals.

These wanderers love the open plains and move from place to place depending on the season to find food.

Did you know that Pronghorns are the fastest-hoofed animals on the continent? They can run as fast as 60 miles per hour, overtaking many predators that would otherwise turn them into a meal.

And if they do spot a predator approaching them, they raise their white rump hairs to warn the other Pronghorns of the danger.

Good thing it didn’t count me as a predator or otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten that majestic shot.

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