Serenity by the Lake at Dead Horse Ranch State Park Every once in a while, it …

Serenity by the Lake at Dead Horse Ranch State Park 🍃

Every once in a while, it does oneself good to get out of town, embrace nature, and reflect.

Which is the theme of this perfectly shot photo from Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona.

I didn’t visit this park for a longest time because of the name. I expected dry rugged terrain.

What a surprise it was to find such a lovely serene lake scene a short way inside the park gates.

The waters were so clear that day, that it perfectly reflected the trees and even the sky above.

As I sat there after taking this photo, I came to reflect upon how we, as part of this ecology, are so much like the nature around us.

This is all due to one word… Harmony.

You see, nature thrives when all of its components work in harmony, whether it be the plants, animals, the waters around it, the rocks, and hills – every component, when they have a harmonious relationship with one another, produces a wonderful result.
Nature in harmony.

All it took was a single press of the camera trigger, and I got this wonderful shot from top to bottom, capturing Earth’s beauty.

It’s the same with people, don’t you think?

When there is harmony between our body, mind, and emotions, it reflects in how we treat other people, and shows in our demeanor and looks.

Something one can’t fake.

Meditating in nature is a truly wonderful experience.

It brings enlightenment and self-reflection like no other.

You could enjoy Serenity by the Lake every day by hanging this print in your home.

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