Sunsets in the Sonoran Desert are spectacular! Tucson Mountain Park just south …

Sunsets in the Sonoran Desert are spectacular! Tucson Mountain Park just south of Saguaro National Park East is one of my favorite places to capture this beauty! 🏜️

Tucson Mountain Park was established April 1929 and at approximately 20,000 acres, is one of the largest natural resource areas owned and managed by a local government in the U.S. The park has 62 miles of non-motorized shared-use trials that provide some breathtaking views!

Nothing quite compares to the incredible sight of Arizona sunsets. We don’t have many cloudy days in Tucson but when we do the sky can look dramatically beautiful as if it was painted with the sun peeking out of the clouds. Combine this with sunset, and you are sure to get an amazing show.

Seeing some clouds forming, I headed out on the trails of Tucson Mountain Park to find the perfect location for sunset, while still being close enough to get back before it got too dark on the trail.

As I was scouting out this location, I heard the cry of a coyote off to the north, and then a second behind me in the distance to the east and a few more closer toward the setting sun. It was as if they were creating a symphony to accompany the amazing show the sun and clouds were creating behind the desert cactus.

Just as the sun was setting below the horizon, the clouds parted to reveal the sun flare in all its glory. I got the perfect shot!

The coyotes seemed to be making a plan to get together for their evening hunt so I gathered my equipment and made my way back out to the trail head.

I hope you enjoy this Sunset in the Sonoran Desert.

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