Tips For Taking Instagrammable Cutie Pet Photos

The instinct of every photographer is to capture everything beautiful and precious to them, including their beloved pet. Pets are members of the family, and they are also adorable and photogenic. However, getting a good photo of those furry family members can be quite challenging, isn’t it?


Pet photography is a cross between portraiture, sports photography, and child photography. And by that, there are some easy tricks to help you capture the perfect pet picture. Here are some of Cheri’s pet photography tips.


Get to know your pet’s personality

Often much said, getting a glimpse of your pet’s personality, temperament, and behavior should the photographer’s priority. Find better ideas about what to avoid and how to give instructions. Knowing a bit about the pet’s behavior will make it easier for you to take pictures of them.

If your pet is very energetic, you should prepare yourself for a past-faced unimaginable quirky photo session. If your pet enjoys lazing around, you can bring a few treats to catch their attention.

Be Patient

It is recommended that when taking pictures of your pet, keep the camera ready and wait. When they first arrive for the photoshoot, most pets are either excited or uncomfortable. Allow and assistant to alk the animal while you begin to burn off some of the pet’s energy. A tired dog is a good dog. They will be able to sit still for long periods and will not feel the need to dash off from the sounds made by the camera. You can also request the owner to join in the picture because pets tend to feel comfortable in their presence. If you’re an aspiring photographer, use this opportunity to take heartwarming owner/pet photos.


Make use of Treats and Toys

A few treats and favorite toys can go a long way to convince pets to sit still for photographs. Throughout the shoot, offer them something they enjoy to keep them focused, relaxed and encourage them to cooperate. You can also use treats as bait, props, or toys to get your pet occupied and easier for them to get in front of the camera. Use rewards to capture, enjoyable and comfortable photos. They can also collaborate with other pets because even untrained pets follow the scent of tasty treats.


Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

One of the best options when taking photos of pets is to use natural, continuous lighting. This will help your pets at ease and does not scare them. If there is too much light, pets may become uncomfortable or distracted. Overcast days are often ideal for outdoor photoshoots because they provide even, diffused lighting. Capturing that extra spark will add personality to your pet photos and help you stand out as a pet photographer.

Shoot from your pet’s level, not yours

Pet portraits will be more personal if you take the time to get down on your pet’s eye level. Using a single-point autofocus camera will help you meet your pet’s perspective. Natural light will also make the eyes sparkle without getting red eyes. To create depth in your photos, make your pets pose naturally. Shooting from your pet’s eye level will get you the cutest pictures.


Work on interaction and play

Pet photography is live photos, meaning your pets are full of energy so make use of that. Capture a dog fetching, digging, rolling, playing, or kissing the owner. Moving subjects and proper lighting will help you cast Instagrammable pet pictures. You can use them to create funny and unusual photos.


Shoot where they are at ease

One goal of pet photography is to express or catch your pet’s personality and character. It is less likely to occur if they are in an unfamiliar setting, like a studio. Allow your pet to unwind, run, and relax in a park or your backyard. Because pets are quirky and unpredictable, do not force them to pose and get relaxed. Make them feel more comfortable by giving them space. It should make them feel more at ease in front of the camera.

Use fast shutter, continuous focus, and burst mode camera

There are some digital cameras that feature pet mode or animal-based face detection settings that will help you capture well-exposed and tack-sharp images. Once you are familiar with your pet’s character, it will be easier for you when and how to take specific shots. Shooting strategically will help you cast the perfect pictures.


Pet parents adore their pets and enjoy bragging about them. Understanding your pet’s personality will help you get intimate and depth to your subject. Whether you want to expand your pet photography skills or add a unique offering or experiment with new techniques, pet photography is much closer to everyone’s heart. Paying attention to what works and not, and using various tricks and creativity will help your capture that Instagrammable cutie pet photos you covet for.

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