Bridging Time: Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

Bridging Time: Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

Bridging Time: Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

The MacKinac Bridge in Michigan is a modern marvel that is a true wonder to look at. This bridge, with a length of almost five miles, connects the Upper and Lower peninsulas of the state.

Man’s ability to imagine and overcome obstacles through that imagination has always been a testament to how we as a species were able to rise to dominance.

Just look at the MacKinac Bridge. No matter what angle you view it from, you will keep on marveling at the bridge’s strength and beauty.

Even I am amazed while looking at it; the bridge’s towers reach 554 feet above the water’s surface and 210 feet beneath the surface to the bedrock to accommodate temperature changes, high winds, and changes in weight from the vehicles that pass on it.

While noticing the result of this great shot, I’m in bliss. The bridge is more than just a sight to behold: it boasts a fascinating history and is a perpetual point of pride for the state.

The MacKinac Bridge is a true testament to man’s ingenuity and resilience. It’s pretty cool to drive over and sail under it because of its majestic size. There is no other attraction in the world quite like the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan.

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Bridging Time: Mackinac Bridge, Michigan Diagram