Scenic Thrills: Beartooth Highway

Scenic Thrills: Beartooth Highway

Scenic Thrills: Beartooth Highway

Driving along Beartooth Highway is an incredible experience that I never find boring no matter how many times Brett and I have done it in the past.

Everytime we drive along the highway and view Beartooth Pass, there’s always something new about this place that I’ll always get amazed at.

A quick fact about Beartooth Highway: did you know that this road climbs up to an astonishing 11,000 feet above sea level?

With this height, you can definitely feel the cold breeze coming from the mountains as you drive!

Five minutes out of town the road curved, and curved again, following the swerves of what was now a valley. We climbed higher. Broad-leaved trees gave way to evergreens.

Along Beartooth Highway, we traveled through several national forests, tall mountain peaks, and numerous alpine lakes.

In addition to the numerous overlooks providing inspiring views along the Beartooth Highway in Montana, several campgrounds including Beartooth Lake and Island Lake offer gorgeous views, trailheads, and the opportunity to really feel like you are camping on top of the world.

It’s about time! Beartooth Highway is calling you to start a trip. Explore the high-country geology along one of America’s most scenic roads now.

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