Seaside Escapade: Blue Umbrella Beach

Seaside Escapade: Blue Umbrella Beach

Seaside Escapade: Blue Umbrella Beach

Oh, those blue chairs situated perfectly on the beach, giving you an incredible view of the ocean while sipping on your favorite beverage.

If green is the color for forests, then blue is the hue for beaches!

Can’t you just imagine yourself in one of those chairs, relaxing underneath the shade of the blue umbrellas that provide comfort from the heat of the summer sun?

And as you admire the beautiful, blue ocean and blue sky above, you can’t help but realize that in spite of the many challenges you face in life, there’s always something good and wonderful to be thankful for?

Or how about taking a sip with your friend, partner or spouse, talking about things that were, things that are and things you’re expecting for the future.

So many scenes flood my mind when I see this sight on the beach, in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

The view becomes a lot better when you wait until the sun sets, where that orange glow on the horizon marks the end of the day, with the expectant hope that a new day will dawn soon.

The beach is a place where memories are made.

And in those chairs, a thousand stories, jokes and shared lives are forever etched.

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